Current Connection 3

I thought this assigned reading was extremely fitting for the point of the semester we are in. With this school year coming to a close, finals week approaching, project deadlines coming one after the other, it is extremely easy to lose sight of your passions and goals. Living life on autopilot can be a vicious … More Current Connection 3

Current Connection 2

The article “’But I’m Not Gay’:  What Straight Teachers Need to Know about Queer Theory” by Elizabeth Meyer opened my eyes in so many ways. I dove into critical pedagogy, analyzed it and its many working components, but not once did I consider queer students. I acknowledge this ignorance with my lack of experience regarding … More Current Connection 2


It was truly an honor to read and prepare a lesson plan for Gloria Ladson-Billings writing called “But That’s Just Good Teaching”.  The more I read texts consulting pedagogy, experience placements in the field, and participate in service opportunities, the more I recognize the privilege I had growing up, as well as the lack of … More LX2

The Testing Charade

Current Connection 1 Throughout my time at John Carroll University and the education courses I have taken, there is a common theme among all of them: there are better alternatives to assessments than high stakes standardized tests. We have brainstormed many different alternatives to quizzing students on content they are learning because high-stakes testing is … More The Testing Charade

Pedagogic Creed

John Dewey’s pedagogic creed is his own beliefs toward education, the physical school setting, and the subject matter necessary. Although the reading is over 100 years old, his ideas are still extremely prevalent and worth analyzing and understanding. Dewey makes it clear that he believes education should be a process of living, the school should … More Pedagogic Creed